Party Barge

Party Barge Rentals


Party Barge Single Deck Barge – Up to 50 People Double Deck Barge – Up to 70 People
Hourly Rate $160 $185
Half Day (4 Hrs) $600 $700
Full Day (8 Hrs) $1120 $1320


Saturday and Holiday Weekend Pricing

Party Barge Single Deck Barge Double Deck Barge
Hourly Rate $250 $275
Half Day (4 Hrs) $900 $1000


Making A Reservation

  • Party Barges must be rented for AT LEAST 3 hours on the week days, and at LEAST 4 hours on the weekends
  • Party Barges require a NON refundable deposit of $250.


Age Restrictions

  • Anyone under the age of 18 is required to have a parent or legal guardian present during the party
  • Any parties that have guests under 21 and are not accompanied by a parent or legal guardian will need to sign and Alcohol Waiver.


Payment Information

  • A $250 deposit is required to make a party barge reservation. This deposit holds your spot, and also goes towards the overall rental fee.
  • The remaining balance is due when you show up for your reservation.
  • Price is calculated by the size of your party.
  • Full payment is due prior to party barge departure.
  • We accept CC’s or cash, no checks please.


What’s on the Party Barge

  • All parties will have a Captain and Crew Member(s) present on the trip
  • The party barges are on the double decker barges
  • We supply the barge with two fold out tables.
  • There is a slide and a bathroom on the boat as well
  • Please note that NO objects (including toilet paper) are allow in the toilet. The bathroom is strictly for #1 use only!
  • The barges are equipped with life jackets for everyone. You may bring your own if you feel more comfortable.
  • There is a grill onboard for any type of food that you would like to bring. Our friendly staff are willing to assist you on cooking.
  • There is also an aux cord that allows you to hook up any audio device to the party barge stereo system.
  • We provide 20 chairs and two 12 foot benches, if you think you’ll need extra seating please feel free to bring your own.


What is allowed and not allowed on the Party Barge

  • Allowed Items
    • DJ’s – no microphones or sub woofers
    • Caterer
    • Floats/Noodles
    • Food and Beverages
  • Not Allowed Items
    • Pets
    • Trash Can Punch
    • Jell-O Shots



  • Customers over 21 years old are allowed to bring alcohol
  • You can bring glass


Cancellation Policy

  • 2 weeks notice required for cancellations.
  • All cancellations within the 2 week time period will be required to pay the full amount for the reservation.
  • Any No Shows will be required to pay the full amount for the reservation.
  • Party Barge reservations can only be rescheduled to Mondays – Thursdays, no exceptions.


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