Party Barge

Party Barge Rentals


Party Barge Single Deck Barge – Up to 50 People Double Deck Barge – Up to 70 People
Hourly Rate $160 $185
Half Day (4 Hours) $600 $700
Full Day (8 Hours) $1120 $1320


Saturday and Holiday Weekend Pricing

Party Barge Single Deck Barge Double Deck Barge
Hourly Rate $250 $275
Half Day (4 Hours) $900 $1000


Making A Reservation

  • Party Barges must be rented for AT LEAST 3 hours on the week days, and at LEAST 4 hours on the weekends


Age Restrictions

  • Anyone under the age of 18 is required to have a parent or legal guardian present during the party
  • Any parties that have guests under 21 and are not accompanied by a parent or legal guardian will need to sign and Alcohol Waiver.


Payment Information

  • A $250 deposit is required to make a party barge reservation. This deposit holds your spot, and also goes towards the overall rental fee.
  • The remaining balance is due the day of your trip, prior to departure.
  • We accept CC’s or cash, no checks please.


Items on Barge 

  • All parties will have a Captain and Crew Member(s) present on the trip.
  • We supply the barge with two fold out tables.
  • There is a slide and a bathroom on the double deck barge.
  •  A large 14-foot long paradise pad available for rent for the Single Deck barge only.
  • Please note that NO objects (including toilet paper) are allow in the toilet. The bathroom is strictly for #1 use only!
  • Barges are equipped with life jackets for everyone. You may bring your own if you feel more comfortable.
  • There is a grill onboard for any type of food that you would like to bring. Our friendly staff are willing to assist you on cooking.
  • There is also an aux cord that allows you to hook up any audio device to the party barge stereo system.
  • We provide 20 chairs and two 12 foot benches, if you think you’ll need extra seating please feel free to bring your own.


What is allowed on the Party Barge?

  • Allowed Items:
    • DJ’s – no microphones or sub woofers
    • Caterer
    • Floats/Noodles
    • Food and Beverages
  • Items NOT Allowed:
    • Pets
    • Trash Can Punch
    • Jell-O Shots



  • Customers over 21 years old are allowed to bring alcohol
  • Glass is welcome, but plastic or cans are preferred.


Cancellation Policy

  • 2 weeks notice is required for cancellations.
  • All cancellations within the 2 week time period of the trip will be required to pay the full amount of the reservation.
  • Party Barge reservations can only be rescheduled on a Monday – Thursday – no exceptions.


No Show Policy 

  •  Any no shows will be required to pay the full amount of the reservation.


Weather Policy 

  • If it is raining at our office during the time of your reservation, no rental fees apply.
  • If inclement weather occurs during your rental, in store credit will be issued.


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